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Counselling by Skype.


Jacquie Dorn

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About Skype Counselling.


You can download Skype for free here.

Then all you will need is a webcam, a microphone (many computers and tablets come with these already fitted).


  1. If you decide you would like to work with me, we can discuss the arrangements by email, and I will send you a document with more details before we begin working together.


  1. I shall contact you on Skype at the time arranged for each session, please try to ensure that you are waiting at your computer in a comfortable, private place where you are unlikely to be interrupted.  Please keep any phones turned off during the session, and perhaps have a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door if that seems appropriate to you.  


  1. Counselling is confidential; everything you tell me will be held in strict confidence. I have a secure password on my Skype account. Make sure your Skype account also has a secure password: an ideal password is long and has a mix of letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers. Don't use the same password for anything else. 


  1. I may breach confidentiality if you tell me something which leads me to think that you or any other person is at risk of serious harm.


  1. The only records I keep of our sessions are very basic handwritten notes. These will be kept in a locked cabinet, and there will be nothing in the notes that would enable any other person to identify you.


  1. When I Skype you I will be alone in my counselling room, with the door closed and with soundproofing curtains drawn to keep out the sounds of other people in the house.  My phone will be off.


  1. If we lose our internet connection, I will Skype you again to re-establish the session.  If that fails I will email you to arrange another time. 


  1. Each counselling session will last for 1 hour and costs £35.00.  You can pay me by secure bank transfer or using the paypal button below.


  1. You can email me by clicking on this email address: (jacquie.dorn@hotmail.co.uk)


Please visit my home page for more information.



Existing Clients may pay online here by clicking on the PayPal button on my home page..